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asdfmovie Mod [Early Access]


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asdfmovie Mod

Fertig: 5%



- new dimension
- new mobs
- asdfguy (enemy)
- new biomes
- new blocks





Post your ideas and help creating this mod

Please write your ideas into the comments and if you have any map structures that you
want to see in this mod, please post them with download or write me private. Im currently
working on this mod, there will be daily updates and a lot of more features. You can download
the mod now and test the new dimension, the asdfguy and more! But please tell me your
ideas and features, you want in this mod. Thanks and have fun in asdfmovie Minecraft!


How to build the portal?

Build a nether portal out of pillar quartz blocks
and then activate the portal with the "asdfmovie key". (right click)
You can find this key in creative under "Tools" or you
can craft this key in survival with one cake in the middle
and 4 diamonds around that cake.


Planned features:

Muffin Endboss
New Comic like Structures
Train Meme
Potato Mob
Female asdf Mob
Baby asdf Mob


asdfguy & asdfmovie key



Mod inspired by TomSka (https://www.youtube.com/user/TomSka)

Autor: Seltak

MCreator: mcreator.net/


~ Thema kann auf Wunsch, auch in Deutsch geschrieben werden

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