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The Perfect Custom Server Modpack?


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Hello, new user here. Thank you very much in advance for taking the time to read this novel of a post.

So, me and my friends have been using the website Aternos to make modpack minecraft servers for free. Of course, the problem is that you only have a limited list of modpacks to choose for your server, and you can't add any specific mods. We don't want to pay for a server since it's just a small friend group server and at the moment, I'm the only one with a cracked minecraft account.

Aternos has a function to add your own mods to a sever starting from scratch - of course, from a limited list, but I think a pretty decent one. Now comes the problem. We haven't found any modpack that would really be perfect for us, including every mod we want, and trust me, that's a lot. When you try to add your chosen mods to your server, there will most likely be a bunch of problems like compatibility or something with Forge.

The question: Is it possible to make a functioning custom modpack for your server, with the mods you want, preferably on an MC version of around 1.12.2, for free on Aternos or any other free service? Is it possible to solve all these problems that occur when putting together a modpack with both client and server? How do I solve them? I get that you may need to look at the crash reports for important text that might tell you what your problem is, but sometimes it's hard to decipher it, and maybe you'll find your most favorite mods are the problems. Do I just keep posting questions here about how to solve them?

Here's a list of a bunch of mods we mainly want(seriously, we want a looot more... and this list is already a lot).

BuildCraft, ComputerCraft, ChocoCraft, Furniture Mod, any dinosaur mod, Tinker's Construct + Iguanas Tinker Tweaks, TreeCapitator and all the other useful mods like NEI, Pam's Harvestcraft, any rideable dragons mod, exploring and magic mods, BiblioCraft, Biomes O Plenty, Twilight Forest, Thaumcraft, Witchery, Flans Mod, GalacticCraft, SecurityCraft

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