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Can I power multiple power rail tracks with a single switch without visible redstone?

Joseph Taylor

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I have a loop going around a large building with a courtyard in the middle. I put down all powered rails except for the turns so that hopefully I will be able to load villagers with bad trades into carts, go to the end of the track and then hit a switch to start them moving towards the grinder. Unfortunately I cant figure out how to power the tracks from a single switch unless I have a bunch of redstone and repeaters ABOVE ground. Anybody know of anything I can do to have everything hidden?

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any switch on the block beside or below a rail powers the block on which the rails is  and therefore the rail.

any powered rails powers up to 5 (or7?) rails it is connected to, in both directions.

so yes, one cobblestone and one stick is all you need to power 15 rails.

to be exact, i have never used any redstone blocks for redstone machines. there is always a cheaper way. (i usually use red terracotta or concrete to distinguish the circuit from its surrounding)


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