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Sky Chest

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Sky Chest

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Crafting Rezepte:

     Holz + Sapling = 'Composted Dirt'
     Rose Red + Stone = Redstone Ore
     Dropper + Redstone + Stone = 'Ore Constructor' (Machine)
     Diamond(x10) + 'Composted Dirt' = Spawn Skeleton
     Furnace + Redstone + Lava Bucket = 'Highspeed Furnace' (Machine)
     Torch + Bucket = Lava Bucket
     Emerald(x5) + Bone Meal(x25) + Iron Nugget(x50) = Elytra
     Elytra + Lava Bucket + Diamond(x10) = 'Jetpack'


     -Sneake um zu fliegen

     -Achtung! Fliegen reduziert keinen Fallschaden!

Ore Constructor:

     Stone(x3) + Redstone = Iron Ore
     Stone(x3) + Redstone + Iron Ingot = Gold Ore
     Stone(x3) + Redstone + Iron Ingot + Gold Ingot = Diamond Ore
     Stone(x3) + Redstone(x3) + Iron Ingot + Gold Ingot + Diamond = Emerald Ore
     Stone(x3) + Redstone + Log = Coal Ore

Highspeed Furnace:

     -Droppe irgendein Erz (außer Lapis) auf es, um es zu schmelzen


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