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I offer protection of the minecraft server against ddos attacks and bot attacks.
We have experience in repelling various types of DDoS attacks, which allows us to ensure the performance of for Minecraft' servers 24/7.

DataCenter :
Maincubes FRA01 — Tier III
Our Frankfurt dedicated servers are located in Maincubes FRA01 data center.
Besides providing a 100% uptime SLA, the facility also maintains robust security measures and complies with industry-standard certifications.

Features Shield
80 Tbps Capacity
Unmetered DDoS protection
Mitigation starts automatically within 10 seconds of detecting the attack
Low latencies & Zero packet loss
Load Balancer
Unmetered Bandwidth
Instant Setup (20m)
Europe : German (Frankfurt) Location
Anti-Bot - blocked up to 90% bot's attack
Discord & Mail Support
20 Gbps Port

Site : https://viotax.com
Discord : https://dc.viotax.com
Docs : https://docs.viotax.com



UDP flood (FFS)

UDP flood (FP)
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