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Minecraft Random Spawn Programmieren HILFE?! (Plugin 1.16.5)


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Ich möchte ein Random Spawn Plugin programmieren (ich benutze Eclipse) aber es funktioniert nicht. Was funktioniert nicht? Könntet ihr mir Helfen Danke im Vorraus!

public class onJoin implements Listener {
	Location locationRaw;
	Location locationRaw2;
	Location location;
	Location location2;
	private void onPlayerJoin(PlayerJoinEvent e) {
		for(Player p : Bukkit.getOnlinePlayers()) {
			World world = Bukkit.getWorlds().get(0);
			int X = getRandom(1500, -1500);
			int Y = getRandom(250, 1);
			Block blockY = world.getBlockAt(location2);
			if(blockY.getType() == Material.GRASS_BLOCK) {
				int rawY = world.getHighestBlockYAt(locationRaw2);
				int Z = getRandom(1500, -1500);
				locationRaw2 = new Location(world, X, Y, Z);
				locationRaw = new Location(world, X, rawY, Z);
				location = new Location(world, X, rawY -2, Z);
				location2 = new Location(world, X, rawY -1, Z);
				Block block1 = world.getBlockAt(locationRaw);
				Block block2 = world.getBlockAt(locationRaw);
				Block block3 = world.getBlockAt(location2);
	public int getRandom(int lower, int upper) {
	    Random random = new Random();
	    return random.nextInt((upper - lower) + 1) + lower;



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