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MrMesch's Parkour 1.13

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About This File

This is an Adventure-Parkour-Map for those who like their map old-school and frugal. 

I concentrated on the 19 different Challenges and not on Command-Blocks and unnecessary things. 
Everybody can play it in the way he wants and, I promise, you are not going to be hold up. Estimated time to complete: 120-150 mins. 

This is my own Parkour-Map with Jump-and-Runs, but also other Challenges (Elytra, Boat, Diving ...)! 

Although it is kept on basic things, it is highly recommended to allow Command Blocks if you're playing on Multiplayer. 
I recommend as well to play on multiplayer as it is more fun and as there is one Trolling-Challenge, that can obviously just be played in case you have friends with you! 
(If anyhow the spawning doesn't function, tp to -351 5 -1087). 

Have fun! :) 

Contact me: [email protected]

Presentation video (by HSPLP): 


What's New in Version 1.2.1   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.


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