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CoreVentory (Bungeecord Inventory)


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This is a Bukkit/Spigot plugin!

This plugin synchronize playerdata between multiple server. Perfect for bungeecord networks.

Playerdata: Inventory (Items, Armor...), enderchest, experience, life and hunger.

Requirements: - MySQL Server - Bukkit/Spigotserver 1.8.x

Setup: - Drag and drop jarfile into your plugin directory. - Start your server for generating config.yml. - Stop your server. - Setup your mysql connection in config.yml. - If you using a plugin like xAuth ot AuthMe..., set inventory protection on login to false, because it will override the inventory after login! - Start your server and have fun ;)


/inv help CoreVentory helppage /inv load Load inventory manuell, if automatic load failed /inv forceload Forceload inventory, if /inv load not work. (Attention! You can lose some items.)


- coreventory.default (Includes all other permissions) - coreventory.cmd.help - coreventory.cmd.load - coreventory.cmd.forceload

CoreVentory is using Metrics by Hidendra. This sends unanonymous data to mcstats.org every half hour regarding the plugin version, systems architecture.... This is harmless but if you ever feel the need, it can be disabled in folder plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml Just change the opt-out to true.

DownLoad: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/coreventory/

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