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MaxPermission ist ein Permission-Plugin wie PermissionsEx, welches dir hilft Usern auf deinem Server bestimmte Rechte zugeben. Es ist sogar ein ChatManager vorhanden, welcher nicht installiert werden muss.


/maxperm Informations about the Plugin

/maxperm help Starts the ingame Help

/maxperm reload Reloads the Plugin

/maxperm disable Disables the Plugin until the Reload

/maxperm check <username> <permission> Checks whether an Player has got the specific permission

/maxperm group <groupname> create Creates a Group

/maxperm group <groupname> remove Removes a Group

/maxperm group <groupname> prefix <prefix> Sets a Prefix of a specific group!

/maxperm group <groupname> suffix <suffix> Sets a Suffix of a specific group

/maxperm group <groupname> add <permission> Adds a Permission to a Group!

/maxperm group <groupname> remove <permission> Removes a Permission of a Group!

/maxperm user <username> group set <group> Sets a user to a specific Group

/maxperm user <username> add perm <permission> Adds a Permission to a specific Player

/maxperm user <username> remove perm <permission> Removes a Permission of a specific Player

/maxperm user <username> Shows specific Informations about a Player

/maxperm group <group> Shows specific Informations about a Group

Install Guide

First Download the MaxPermission.jar into your plugins Folder.

Then == Restart == Your Server.

After that type the Following into the === Console === :

/maxperm group Administrator create

/maxperm group Administrator prefix &cAdministrator

/maxperm group Administrator suffix &c

/maxperm group Administrator add maxperm.*

/maxperm user <Your Username> group set Administrator

Now === Restart === your Server and you can modify the Plugin ingame.

To view the help just type /maxperm help!

That's it!

Modifying of the Chat

Go to your Plugins Folder and open the Folder Maxperm. Then open the File config.yml and edit the Point Chat Format: <to edit>

You can fully edit the Thing after <to edit> you can use %prefix% (Chat Prefix Of the Group you have set above) %suffix% (Chat Suffix of the group you have set above) %player% (Player Name) %message% (Message the Player has written!)

General Information

The Plugin MaxPermission is an Permission Management Plugin with an included ChatManager! It's fast and doesn't require any other plugins to run. So it is a stand alone plugin!

We do not support Wildcard Permissions at the moment, so please stand by!



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Klingt cool! Ich teste es aus wenn ich heute Zeit habe!

Eine Version für die aktuelle Spigot-Version (1.8.3) wäre wünschenswert :D

- Luke

Die Version funktioniert auch für die 1.8.3 sowei ich weiss bin mir aber nicht mehr sicher kannst es ja testen.

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