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Minecraft 1.2


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<p>+ New jungle biome<br/>+ Added ocelots<br/>+ Added cats<br/>+ Added iron golems<br/>+ New AI for mobs<br/>+ Tame wolves can have puppies<br/>+ Villagers will have children if there is room in their village<br/>+ Added rare drops for mobs<br/>+ New items and blocks<br/>* New map height limit (256 instead of 128)<br/>* Doors have been updated so that double-doors work better with redstone<br/>* Many other minor tweaks and fixes<br/>- Removed Herobrine</p><br />

<br />

Quelle: <a href="http://mcupdate.tumblr.com/post/18550138324" class="externalURL" /&gt;http://mcupdate.tumblr.com/post/18550138324</a>

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