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More Tools Addon RP for Minecraft Bedrock Edition v1.19 Windows-Xbox


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This addon adds new ores , tools 750+, armors 50+ to the game , 
you can craft all these tools and armors is survival as you wish. 
Hope you enjoy my work! Have fun with friends! 
Balanced pack is my favorite! Our mod is designed to provide players with an array of 
unique and powerful tools and armors that will enhance their gameplay experience. W
e are committed to providing the Minecraft community with a mod that is both balanced and exciting. 
Our team of experienced developers is dedicated to creating high-quality tools and armors that are not 
only functional but also visually stunning. We believe that Minecraft players should have the freedom 
to choose their own playstyle, which is why we offer a diverse range of tools and armors that cater to 
different preferences. Whether you're a warrior or a miner, our mod has something for everyone. 
We strive to maintain the highest standards of quality and security in our mod, 
ensuring that players can enjoy our tools and armors.

Download : Click here

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