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Thoughts about a new automated 3v3 server

Anthony Jaxon

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Hey there, I would like to propose an design for my thoughts on an ideal Competitive Minecraft server.

After seeing so many larger servers focus on large scale fights (Overcast for example), I feel like Minecraft PvP is best on a smaller scale where more teamwork and communication can be made. This has lead me in hopes of creating a 100% automated, custom coded, competitive PvP server.

My plan is to only offer 3v3 skirmishes between teams. This would mean once you join, you and your clan would create a team via a custom team plugin. From there, you would be able to join a queue list, and will be matched against an opposing team. All stats from games would be stored in online databases in order to create Leaderboards, to improve the competitiveness between teams.

You can think of teams similar to the popular Factions plugin. The leader can add or remove players at any time from the roster, as well as various other functions.

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