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A complicated but interesting timing system


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So, while watching Mumbo jumbo talk about how honey blocks could be used, he managed to create a slime block feed tape using both slime blocks and honey blocks. This gave me a idea. If you put a redstone block on the end of one of the blocks getting circulated, you could, in theory, create a adjustable timing system that could give out redstone signals in bursts, or have the feedback loop go really slow to make a timer. The best thing is that you can blend in the contraption by putting other blocks to cover up the front of the feed tape There are some flaws with this contraption, like needing to get the right feed tape, and the redstone block needs to be at least 2 blocks away from the blocks that are in the feed tape to prevent accidental powering of other components. You might also need to put immovable blocks at places to prevent blocks getting stuck in the feed tape and ruining the entire contraption.

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