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Modded game uses more than double the allocated RAM, and more RAM related issues.


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So I'm trying to play a modded survival server with a couple friends and between hosting the server and running the game my PC nearly runs out of RAM.

I've got 16GB, and I'm loading 150 mods in 1.12.2

The server has 6gb allocated , but usually uses 3-4gb. My game has 4gb right now and the amount of ram usage climbs while mods are loading all the way up to 8gb of ram usage even though I'm supposed to only use four.

 I've tried running the game with 6,8 and 12 ram all with the same results, it uses all the ram dur ing l https://sarkariresult.onl/ Mobdro https://pnrstatus.vip/
oading as well as going past the limit by 2-4gb of memory. So at 8 allocated memory it uses 12gb of ram while loading.

I'm aware the game does usually use a bit more than allocated, as well as sometimes when larger amounts of RAM are used it sometimes uses more than needed, but the game seems to do this no matter the settings so I feel like there's some other unknown issue.

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